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Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of Tangshan Yunfeng 2016 Annual Conference

On the evening of January 22, 2016, Tangshan Yunfeng held the 2016 year-end conference ceremoniously.


The wine is full of fragrance, singing and dancing, and the atmosphere is lively. At the meeting, the chairman of the board and the general manager spoke enthusiastically and enthusiastically, which made us feel excited. Everyone actively performed the program and led the staff to get together. At the meeting, the beloved chairman sent WeChat red envelopes seven or eight times, and everyone enjoyed grabbing the red envelopes and forgot the hard work and troubles of the past year. Wave goodbye to 2015 thoroughly. The state of passion ran into 2016.


2015 is a difficult year. It is also a year in which we have been working together as one. This year, the difficult steel market environment made every Yunfeng people deeply understand: the strength of unity! The year of 2016 has come, and everyone in Yunfeng has made full preparations to meet new challenges!